Cryogenic Tank Rentals


Pipeline Solutions NI Limited specialise in the rental, supply, installation, inspection and maintenance of cryogenic vessels, vaporisers and all associated equipment throughout the UK and Ireland. We operate to BCGA and PSSR 2000 codes of practice.

A modern range of vessels from 30 – 4000 liquid litres from Statebourne and Wessington are available for supply from stock with all tanks being less than 10 years of age.


Tank rental is offered at minimum cost, allowing you to pursue affordable liquid separately to ensure the best deal is achieved. All vessels are fully tested and inspected annually, ensuring that all regulations are adhered to.


Cryogenic gas equipment is supplied at competitive prices and complies fully with regulatory requirements. A range of equipment is offered from Health and Safety, Personnel Protective Equipment to Large Scale Vessel Installations.


Tailored to meet and exceed your expectations, installation and maintenance services are planned to ensure minimal downtime to your processes. A personal service is provided from experienced technicians and full written report of all testing/ maintenance is undertaken and provided.

Gas Supply Cost Analysis

Specialising in confidential cost analysis of your existing gas source and supply costs and advising on potential savings utilising new technology, possible alternative source and gas suppliers.

Customer Training Services

Provision of up-to-date and complete training in safe use of all compressed gas equipment ensuring you are able to operate your system safely and efficiently.

Cryogenic Vessels & Equipment

  • Rental
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Super Insulated Vacuum Pipework & Controls
  • Gas Contents Alarms
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Gas Manifolds
  • Bespoke Tank Cages

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